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A “collocate” is defined as a word that is habitually juxtaposed with another with a frequency greater than chance (e.g., ‘strong coffee’).

The ‘collocation’ tool allows you to find pairs or group of words that are juxtaposed in this way. Collocation is useful for examining the relationship between words, especially the relative strength of their bond. It allows you to look for lexical, thematic or grammatical patterns. For example, in Skovoroda’s “Басни Харковскія” the word ‘Бог’ collocates twice with 'дай' (дай Бог).

The results of your collocation search will open in a new window (be sure your browser allows pop-up windows), displaying two views: COLLOCATIONS AS THEY APPEAR IN THE TEXT and COLLOCATES SORTED BY FREQUENCY. The collocate tool finds collocates to the left and right of the word you type, providing up to five columns of words on either side, marked as -1, -2, etc. on the left, and +1, +2, etc. on the right. A number in parentheses indicates how frequently the words of the context line correlates to the search word you typed. In this view, you can see the immediate environment in which your search word appears and whether it is next to the search word or further afield.

Note: For technical reasons, we use lower case letters for some collocation tables.


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